Why do I need Managed IT?

This is an important question to ask when you have a business full of computers, servers and employees. What will I get with managed services that I couldn't get with a break-fix solution? In some form or another, the answer here is TRUST. The company you choose is going to safeguard one of your company's most valuable and treasured assets; your data. Processes must be in place to assure the safe keeping of the data. You need to KNOW that this is taking place and you will want to fully TRUST your IT Company who will for all practical purposes, become a trusted business partner.

Why shouldn’t we just hire a full-time IT person?

it_guySome small and mid sized businesses hire an IT technician as a full time employee of the company. These techs usually make between $40,000 – $60,000 with benefits, bonuses and vacation on top of the salary. Compared to the $8,000 – $15,000 that companies will pay to outsource their IT Support; this is a very, very expensive way to support a small and mid-sized business network. In some cases where a business grows to 100 employees or greater it might start to make sense to look at hiring a full time IT guy, but until then it is very expensive.


Why not just pay someone to fix the issue per hour?

Business networks that are still supported by companies who use a break-fix methodology will generally pay the following hourly rates for services provided by these types/sizes of companies:

  • Individual (maybe part-time) tech: $60-$100 per hour
  • 1-2 person IT firm: $75-$125 per hour

This is great, if it wasn’t for the fact that you are paying them at an hourly rate. What motivates them to make sure that issues won’t arise again in the future? At Southern Tier ITS, our rate is the same with or without issues. We prefer them to not exist. This means that with less downtime, the savings is passed on to our customers.


The Last Thing You Want Is A Flat Monthly Fee Right?

Of course the main disadvantage of the flat monthly fee is the fact that it is a flat monthly fee. If your computer network is completely healthy and does not need any maintenance or support, then you still pay the flat monthly fee and this is not well-received by most business owners. I mean really, why pay for service and maintenance when there was none; it fundamentally does not make sense.Fee

In fact, it doesn’t make any sense if the IT Support company is charging a flat monthly fee and is still operating in a break-fix mode. This means that they literally are doing nothing until the computer network breaks and once this happens the employees are very inefficient until the issue is resolved. If nothing breaks, the company actually does no work for the business, but expects to be paid the monthly fee anyway; not good.

Fortunately, at Southern Tier ITS, we do not operate using this model. What this means is that a true managed service provider is continually monitoring your business network to prevent downtime issues from occurring. If there are no problems with your network during a month, or over the course of several months that is awesome. This is the ultimate goal, right? You want to walk into your office and have your technology available to help you meet your business goals. You want your employees to do the same thing. Your computer network and surrounding technology should be like lights, water and heat they should just work when you turn them on. Of course this is a little over-simplified, but this is the ultimate goal. (Learn more about Managed Service Savings)

  • What does Managed IT include?

    • UNLIMITED Remote Support
    • UNLIMITED Monthly Checkups
    • UNLIMITED IT Consultation
    • UNLIMITED on-site support
    • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
    • Remote Backup

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