Is your business looking to upgrade its computers?

We sell computers as well! Contact us if you are looking to upgrade your business computer setup. We will give you the best computer solution at the price you want to pay. We keep up-to-date when it comes to our computer knowledge and we would love to pass that knowledge onto your business.

Why go with a local company?


Aside from the fact that your are supporting a local small business in the Jamestown Area?!

  • If you go with us when purchasing your business computers, we will give you a 20% discount on our Managed IT Solution.
  • We provide a one year warranty on every product we sell. That means if it breaks, we will be more than happy to replace it!
  • We have over 18+ years of computer knowledge at our fingertips. We can provide you with our honest and non-bias opinions on every product to make sure you have the best setup possible.

1-z9miNpYNv4cMVwB1GF6IMgWe can even setup the computers for you!

Lets be honest, its tough to compete with those big box stores. But the one thing we do have over them is we can actually come to your office and setup the computers for you! We can make sure any software you run is installed and we don’t need to add the other advertising software large computer companies need to add to cut down on their prices. This means your computers run faster and you don’t have to worry about popups months down the road telling you that you need to purchase!

We also provide custom built server setups

We wont charge you an arm and a leg for it either. At Southern Tier ITS, we will provide you with the lowest priced local quote guaranteed. We will even come out to your location and make sure before hand that our quote is exactly what your setup is looking for. Don’t go with those other local businesses and pay top dollar for a setup before checking with us first!


Ready to upgrade?

We can provide your business with the best PC possible to fit within your budget. We know which components will give your computer the largest boost to speed and efficiency for the lowest price possible. Contact us before going with any other local company and we will beat any local prices!

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